Quality Every Time: A Core Value That We Live By

Welcome back to our series on Ziyada’s core values! Today, we’re diving into a value that sits close to our hearts: Quality Every Time.

The Little Things Make Big Differences

In the bustling markets, amid rolls of vibrant fabrics and arrays of threads, you’ll often hear shopkeepers utter the phrase, “Yeh chalega,” or, “It’ll do.” This is usually when they offer us material that doesn’t quite meet our quality standards. Our polite but firm response? “Actually, it won’t do.”

Crafting a Culture of Quality

When our artisans initially joined us, some weren’t aware of the significance of ‘quality in every stitch.’ If they came across a small defect or stain in the fabric, they’d dismiss it, saying, “Koi bat nahi. Yeh chalega,” (“It’s nothing big. It’ll do.”).

To instill a culture of excellence, we conducted rigorous training sessions. Our artisans soon grasped that ‘almost perfect’ is not part of our vocabulary. Today, the tables have turned. Our quality control team now spot defects so tiny that even I have to squint to see them. When I jokingly say, “Yeh chalega,” they’re quick to remind me, “No, only the best will do.”

Quality Beyond Products

But for us, quality doesn’t just stop at the last stitch. It permeates every aspect of our work environment. We ask ourselves: What is the quality of our artisans’ lives? Are we empowering them in a manner that shatters the chains of generational poverty? The answer needs to be a resounding yes, every time.

Quality in Community Building

Our artisans aren’t just employees; they’re vital members of a community we’re building. We aim to elevate not just the quality of our products but the quality of life for our artisans. By creating a nurturing, ethical, and supportive work environment, we’re not just making quality home decor; we’re supporting quality lives. Little things, like free childcare, a hot daily lunch, and regular check-ins, make a huge difference.

The Ziyada Promise

So, there it is—Quality Every Time. It’s in every loving stitch, in the smile of every artisan, and in every moment you share with our handcrafted products. Here’s to crafting quality, one stitch and one life at a time.

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