The Artistry Behind Our Handmade Quilts: A Journey from Fabric to Finish

At Ziyada, one of our best selling and most cherished products is our handmade quilts. Crafted with love, these quilts embody the essence of artistry and dedication. Allow us to take you on a tour through the fascinating process that transforms a piece of fabric into a cozy masterpiece.

A Canvas of Colors: The Hand Block Printing

It all begins with hand block printing, a traditional technique where carved wooden blocks are used to print designs on cotton fabrics. Hand block printing delivers a depth of color and textured look, unlike anything you would find in mass-produced fabrics.

Precision in Patches

Once the fabric is printed and washed, it’s time for the cutting. With meticulous precision, our artisans cut the fabrics into patches. The key here is to preserve the beauty of the hand block print in each patch, so our cutting team carefully examines the fabric, determining the perfect place to cut each piece.

Assembling the Mosaic: The Patchwork

Next, our sewing team takes the stage. Each patch is sewn together in a specific sequence to create the beautiful designs that define our quilts. This stage requires a keen eye for detail, ensuring that the patterns and colors coalesce into a unified, artistic expression. After the patches are united, they’re meticulously ironed to smooth out any wrinkles. Ironing ensures that the layers align perfectly when they are joined to the three layers of cotton muslin that we use as batting.

A Stitch in Time: Traditional Style Embroidery

After the sewing is completed, the final flourish is added with hand embroidery using the traditional ‘sujani’ style stitch. This embroidery not only adds an extra layer of beauty but also fortifies the quilt, making it durable for years to come.

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Our quilts are not just a product; they are a representation of our artisans’ skills, dedication, and the rich cultural tapestry of North India. With each purchase, you’re not only buying a quilt but also contributing to a story of empowerment and transformation.

Quality Every Time. In every stitch, in every artisan’s life, and in every interaction with you, our fabulous customers!

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