• Handmade in India

    At Ziyada, every woman is trained as an artisan

  • Ziyada means more.

    More hope, more help, more happiness, more health.

The Aprons

Each Ziyada apron features a unique design that was handmade by one of our talented artisans.

The Pillows

Ziyada pillows feature a variety of patchwork and hand embroidered designs, all hand made by one of our talented artisans.

The Quilts

Ziyada also creates one of a kind hand-embroidered quilts and baby quilts.

The Wearables

An exciting new line of products featuring robes, pajamas, and scarves.

Other Products

Ziyada is constantly designing new products and designs.

The Yarn

Whether you're knitting, wrapping gifts, or looking for an accent piece for your home, add more color and more purpose with Ziyada yarn.

We Are Ziyada

Ziyada (Zee-yah-duh) means more—more hope, more help, more happiness, more health—for you and for our world. Ziyada exists to provide meaningful employment in a safe environment for people caught in the devastating cycle of extreme poverty in North India, and in the process, to bring you more quality and beauty through each good we create.