Gifts with a Purpose: 7 Exquisite Finds from Ziyada

At Ziyada, we believe that every purchase can be a step towards making the world a better place. We’re delighted to present you with seven handpicked gifts from our collection that embody both quality and tradition. As you shop, remember: each product you choose not only adds beauty to your life but significantly contributes to the fight against poverty and the empowerment of women in our community. Let’s dive in:

The Leela Tote—$49

A vivid meld of color and ethical crafting, the Leela Tote is a statement piece with a story! Made from vibrant remnant fabric from cotton sari mills and sturdy, eco-friendly jute, it showcases the vibrant hues and traditional weaving techniques of Rajasthan. Embrace a splash of color with this tote that doesn’t just look good but does good! Shop now

Shibori Make-Up Bags—$26 & $16

Delve into the rich legacy of shibori dyeing with our hand-tied and dyed makeup bags. The large make-up bag on the left feature plastic lining for easy cleaning, and is large enough to hold all of your favorite toiletries! The smaller pouch on the right is perfect for keeping your essentials handy and organized. A true testament to Indian craft heritage, these bags carry with them a history of traditional dyeing methods, kept alive and vibrant through products like these. Shop Now

The Garden Party Striped Placemats & Napkins—$34 & $32

Elevate you dining experience with the classic charm of our hand block printed table linens. These high-quality canvas and cotton pieces are an ideal gift for the consummate host, adding a touch of effortless elegance to any table setting with this timeless print. Shop Now.

Hand Embroidered Patchwork Throw Quilts—$98

Share a gesture of warmth and love with our intricately hand-embroidered quilts. Crafted from hand block printed cotton fabric, these quilts are personal and heartwarming gifts, infusing homes with beauty and care this holiday season. Shop Now.

Stuffed Animal Friends—$36

Bring joy to the little ones with our delightful stuffed animal friends. From the mischievous fox to the cuddly bunny, each character is a feast for the senses, created from hand-loomed cotton and adorned with hand-embroidered embellishments. Each animal comes with a second set of clothing and accessories, making them perfect for nurturing sensory play and fine motor skills! Shop Now.

Gifts that Foster Children’s Development: Memory Game and Farmer’s Market Tote—$20-$19

Looking for gifts that benefit children? Foster the joy of learning through play with our vibrant and tactile games and toys. Ethically crafted, these products nurture development, making learning a fun and colorful journey for children. Shop Now.

Noel Kitchen Collection: Oven Mitt & Hot Pad Set and Tea Towel Set—$22 & $19

Add a festive touch to your kitchen with our Noel Collection. These block-printed beauties, featuring a custom Ziyada design, are the perfect gifts for holiday hosts or teachers, promising timeless elegance for seasons to come. Shop Now.

Gifts with Purpose

To add to the joy of giving, here is a discount code for 15% off of any order: GIFTSWITHIMPACT. This code is valid through November 22nd, 2023. We invite you to explore these curated selections, each echoing the values we hold dear at Ziyada: quality, tradition, and positive impact. Remember, with every gift you purchase, you join us in a movement of holistic transformation, fostering opportunities and brighter futures in our community. Happy shopping!

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