Gratitude in Action

In the initial phases of building our business and assembling a team, we pledged ourselves to several foundational practices that would anchor and nurture us. Among these, one emerged as most vital: the practice of gratitude.

From Grassroots to Growing Together 

Life, and by extension, the world of business, is laden with numerous unforeseen challenges – from minor frustrations to significant setbacks. Embarking on this journey in an underserved, impoverished neighborhood only amplified these challenges. A staggering 90% of the artisans we welcomed initially had never ventured into work outside their homes. Coupled with the inadequate infrastructure – the crumbling roads, frequent power outages, the struggle to secure reliable vendors, and navigating governmental corruption – the difficulties seemed insurmountable.

But we found solace and strength in our weekly gatherings where we voiced our gratitude, no matter how small these glory sightings were. This ritual kindled a flame of unwavering hope within us. Through our collective acknowledgment of the positives in our lives, we recognized that the source of that goodness often lies outside of us, connecting us to something much larger than ourselves. This practice, gradually but surely, seeped into the ethos of our entire staff, molding our collective existence.

Practicing Gratitude Together

Each morning, we converge to share our concerns, offer prayers for one another, and express thanks for the blessings we have received. Research shows that gratitude is a potent harbinger of happiness, enabling us to appreciate life’s gifts, uplift our spirits, and forge closer bonds.

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, we find ourselves reflecting on the many gifts of this year. For each of us at Ziyada, YOU, our incredible support base, are at the top of the list! Your unwavering patronage, advocacy, and the heartfelt stories you’ve shared about our courageous artisans have propelled us this far. Your support has been instrumental in providing homes and education for children and alleviating hunger and hardship in our community. From the depths of our hearts, thank you!

Your Incredible Impact

Here are 5 beautiful ways that your support is changing the trajectory of our artisans’ families!

1. Empowering Through Employment

This year, your purchases have sustained full-time jobs for 24 incredible individuals. Together, they’ve handcrafted over 7,000 products, each a testament to their skill and dedication. Thanks to you, our team’s hands are busy, hearts fulfilled, and futures brighter.

2. Educating the Next Generation

Education is a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty, yet 62% of all students do not complete primary school in our North Indian state. Yet, every child of our artisans is now attending school, paving the way for enlightened, empowered generations!

3. Building Foundations for the Future

Remarkably, 60% of our artisans now own their homes, a cornerstone of stability and security. Furthermore, each of our team members has access to running water and electricity, essential amenities that uplift their quality of life.

4. Gratitude for Growth and Prosperity

This past year has witnessed a significant 10% income growth for each artisan. This increase is not just a number—it represents more nutritious meals, better healthcare, and the joy of small comforts that were once out of reach.

5. Investing in Skills and Knowledge

We believe in nurturing the talents and capacities of our team. From health workshops to summer camps for children, and training in various essential skills like accounting, sewing, quality control, and soon, photography, we’re committed to holistic development.

Filled with Gratitude

Every product you purchase is a stitch in the fabric of these achievements. Your support empowers, educates, and elevates. For all this and more, we say thank you. Thank you for choosing to make a difference, for believing in our vision, and for being an integral part of our Ziyada family.

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