There’s Just Something About a Quilt

At Ziyada, we’ve been making our style of quilts for as long as our doors have been open. We can’t say that about most of our products, which have significantly evolved over time, or have been added along the way. I remember working out the math on our very first throw quilts and baby quilts. It’s just one of those products that works in every good way. No adjustment needed. 

Here, we use the Sujani style of quilting.

This method has been in use in our region of India since the 18th century. Historically, Sujani quilts use patches of old saris or dhotis, fitted one over the other and then hand quilted using threads pulled from old clothing. These quilts are gifted to new babies as a symbol of bringing together all of the different seasons of life into a unified whole. The quilts are also meant to represent the warm snuggle of a mother, and to bless babies with something soft and comforting after birth.

Although we use new thread and materials for our quilts at Ziyada, what comes out of our factory is a beautiful blend of quilting elements, hand stitched elements, and rich Indian colors and prints, in a perfectly cohesive mash-up of beauty. 

There is so much craftsmanship that goes into these quilts at every step.

The cotton is block printed by hand (an ancient and dwindling art form in West India), by a block that was itself carved by hand. Once the earth-toned, block printed fabrics reach our factory in North India, we decide what kind of a fabric family to create; tones of blues, warm mustards, something with more flavor and pop. Our seamstresses get their hands on them and put them together for us. Our embroiders take their turn, laying even parallel running stitches down each one by hand, and then pass it along to our packing team who puts each one into a cloth packing bag and sends it across the ocean. 

While we make standard throw size quilts and baby quilts on an ongoing basis, we have made quilts of all sizes to fit all needs and requests. We have seen them, yes, draped over couches, but also covering side tables for an interesting tablecloth, stretched across a frame and hung on a wall, pulling together a coordinating twin, queen, or king bed set, and spread out under wiggling babies during play time.

These quilts make such meaningful gifts.

Especially dear are the faithful customers who buy a Ziyada quilt each time they go to a baby shower, or each time they visit a sick friend. We’ve even gifted a Ziyada quilt here, each time one of our own staff has a new baby. There’s something unique, personal, comforting, and peace-giving about gifting a Ziyada quilt. This product is near to our hearts. Thanks for being part of it all. 

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