The 2022 Baby Line is Here!!

“We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.”

George Eliot

-George Eliot

In this year’s baby line, you’ll notice tulips in bloom, cheerful rainbows, and softly colored dinosaurs. Inspired by elements of creation that brought me wonder and joy as a little one, these prints are happpy and full of life! As a kid, I was convinced that dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Scientists just hadn’t managed to track them down yet! And I loved springtime in the Pacific Northwest—flowers springing up everywhere, and rainbows filling the sky as sunny days slowly replaced the rainy ones. There is no time quite so awe filled as childhood, and this baby line is meant to inspire the same wonder in the little ones who use these products!

We love this line, and want to share a few of our most favorite products with you!

First up, these adorable stuffed animals.

We first stitch our sweet Dino and Bunny the machine, and then hand embroidered them for added detail. Stuffed with soft poly filling, both make a perfect, squishy companion for any little one. The little bunny comes in two color options, with an extra outfit too!

Next, we have our famous quilts and baby blankets.

Both our baby quilts and baby blankets are made using traditional North Indian techniques. The Rainbow and Dino baby blanket are made in the style of the Indian Dohar, a blanket created with multiple layers. We stitch 4 layers of the softest 100% cotton fabric together. The layering gives the blanket the perfect weight to keep a baby warm and cozy without being overly hot, making these ideal for swaddling any little one.

Our quilts are made using the regional technique of Sujani. The word “Sujani” comes from two words, ‘su’ which meaning facilitating and ‘jani’ meaning birth. Over the centuries, quilts for new-born babies were made by stitching together colorful patches of old clothes and then Sujani embroidery was added with colorful threads to create motifs and designs. The process of creating these quilts was seen as a blessing for the child who would use the quilt! We love keeping this traditional art form alive in our work! Just look at that lovely embroidery work on the Over the Rainbow quilt in the bottom right hand photo!

We can’t leave out these embroidery hoops!

Our artisans expertly hand embroider these hoops on hand woven linen fabric. With empowering messages, these hoops will definitely add sweetness and encouragement to any baby’s room! Just look at the incredible detail in each little stitch! Little additions, like the polka dots on the dinosaur’s back in the Stand Tall hoop set and the sweet rosettes in the You are Loved hoops, bring these embroidery pieces to life.

Don’t miss the rest of this line.

Click here to shop the full collection, including our baby bibs, pillows, and gift bag sets. This entire line is just so cute, and we can’t wait for you to share these handmade pieces with the little ones in your lives! This line created 280 hours of work for our artisans. With every purchase you make, you help provide dignified employment for our artisans and it is changing lives and impacting our whole community!

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