A Stitch in Time

Empowering Women, One Sewing Machine at a Time

In the heart of our community, where every thread spun and every stitch sewn tells a story of resilience and hope, there lies an extraordinary tale of empowerment and transformation. This is the story of Aisha, a talented sewist at Ziyada, who recently embarked on a journey to weave her dreams into reality.

The Fabric of Empowerment

Drawing upon the skills honed at Ziyada, Aisha spent time after work hours training women in sewing at a local sewing center. This act of sharing knowledge was the first stitch in the expansive fabric of community upliftment that Aisha aimed to create. As two of her students began to flourish in their own sewing journey, a new dream was born—to open her own tailoring shop.

Sewing Seeds of Change

With perseverance and the savings accumulated from her work, Aisha was able to rent a space for her shop. Then, through a unique initiative by Ziyada, which supports artisans in acquiring industrial sewing machines by covering 30% of the cost, Aisha equipped her shop with the tools needed to offer professional tailoring services.

This significant step not only marked the beginning of Aisha’s entrepreneurial journey but also underscored a critical aspect of Ziyada’s mission: empowering our artisans to dream big and achieve bigger. Aisha’s shop is not just a space for tailoring; it’s a beacon of hope and empowerment, providing employment to two more women in our community.

A Ripple Effect of Empowerment

Aisha’s story is a testament to the incredible ripple effects of empowerment. By leveraging her skills and the opportunities provided by Ziyada, she has not only changed the trajectory of her own family’s life but has also empowered two other women to break the cycle of poverty in theirs. Aisha’s journey illustrates how skills, when shared and supported, can transform lives and communities.

The Heart of the Story

Beyond her entrepreneurial spirit, Aisha is a loving mother to three beautiful daughters, aged 10, 8, and 1. Her journey is a powerful narrative of a woman’s resolve to provide for her family, empower her community, and challenge the status quo. Aisha’s story is a vivid reminder that when women are given the tools to succeed, they can make significant contributions to their families and communities.

Weaving Futures Together

Aisha’s tailoring shop is a milestone in the collective journey of empowerment and community development. It exemplifies how Ziyada is more than just a place of employment; it’s a starting point for dreams, a cradle for nurturing talent, and a platform for changing lives.

As we celebrate Aisha’s achievements, we are reminded of the power of dignified employment, the importance of community, and the endless possibilities that come with a stitch, a skill, and a dream. Aisha’s story is not just her own—it’s a shared narrative of all the women at Ziyada, weaving a brighter future together, one stitch at a time.

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