Meet Shabnam

This video captures some highlights from our conversation with Shabnam. Read on to learn more!

Tell us about your childhood. 

My childhood was great! There were six of us kids, and we used to have a lot of fun. We fought a lot too, and that still happens sometimes! Everything was good.

What was your childhood dream?

I thought, I’ll study well and go far in my education. But, I wasn’t able to study because I had a lot of medical costs, and we were very poor. For that reason, I couldn’t continue. 

When did you learn about Ziyada?

Suddenly someone told me about Ziyada and said training was happening there. I thought, “Let’s go and see how it is.” When I came here, I didn’t have any hope of getting selected. I really liked it here, and when I got selected, I felt so good! My dream to have an opportunity to work somewhere was fulfilled. So far, it has been really great.

What is your role at Ziyada?

I knew some embroidery before training, but I gained lots of new knowledge here. Now, my job is embroidery. I really love it, and I also really love getting to teach embroidery to others. 

How does your work make you feel?

My work makes me happy. In the morning, I get up so excited for work. I do my housework quickly so I can get going! When I come to the office, I feel great. I just feel happiness. Everyday, I’m like, “Let’s get to the office!” My family also loves the work that I do. 

What do you do in your free time?

When no one is at home, I love to play loud music. 

Shabnam is such a calm, steady, generous presence in our office. She leads our embroidery team, and is gifted in teaching others new techniques and designs. Ziyada exists to provide opportunities for those who need them most in our community, and we are so proud of how Shabnam has flourished through her opportunity to work at Ziyada!

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