Hello Pumpkin!

Maybe because I’ve got an October birthday, or maybe because fall flavors are the best flavors, but I LOVE fall. I love cozy sweaters, pumpkin pies, changing leaves, new books and scarves. Fall is full of all things warm, spiced and homey! So, of course, designing the Hello Pumpkin collection was fun.

The Hello Pumpkin Collection

This year, I focused on warm, neutral hues, hand woven textiles, and our favorite pumpkin print to create our Hello Pumpkin collection!  The textiles in this collection are what you need to make cooking and hosting effortless and elegant. But, these products aren’t just practical kitchen essentials. They are also beautiful symbols of empowerment and support for women artisans. When you use these tea towels, aprons and oven mitts, you become a part of a movement that celebrates their artistry and strengthens their journey towards financial independence and self-sufficiency.

The Hello Pumpkin Block Print

For the 20232 collection, we revived a favorite Ziyada print that I designed last year but with a twist! This time, we chose to incorporate the softest, subtlest warm hues, elevating this print and making it easy to use in any space. Can you believe that this print was carved into 4 separate wooden blocks? Each of the four colors you see here was hand stamped onto the fabric, one block at a time! This print is used on the back of our hand embroidered Hello Pumpkin Pillow, as a lovely table runner, and in our oven mitt and hot pad sets!

The Textiles

You’ll also notice the gorgeous, hand woven fabrics used in this collection. From our Harvest Apron and Harvest Napkin Set, to the Hand Towels, we had materials hand woven especially for this collection. Look closely and see the lovely texture and hand made elegance of each of these fabrics! The towels, particularly, are a labor of love. Cotton fibers are first hand woven on wooden spinning wheels before being hand woven on 6 pedal hand looms. The result? Highly absorbent, beautifully textured, and super soft towels! 

The Impact

The creation of the Hello Pumpkin collection created more than 3,000 hours of work for artisans. By using handspun and hand-printed fabrics, we celebrate India’s unique artistic heritage and support centuries old industries that are dying out due to fast fashion and mechanized production. The artisans who create these beautiful products are able to earn fair wages and create a brighter future for themselves and their families! Take Shobha, pictured above, as an example. Since joining the Ziyada team, she has built her own home and helped her son start his own business. What a difference access to dignified employment makes! Step into the spirit of the season, celebrate the talent of women artisans, and welcome the Hello Pumpkin Collection into your home today. Every purchase helps our artisans break the cycle of poverty in their families! 

Something for You

Guess what?? We’ve got a special code for you! Use the code “HelloPumpkin” for 15% off of any fall item from now until October 12th. So, what are you waiting for, visit the online store, purchase some ethically made fall decor, and make the world a better place while you shop!  


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