The Ziyada Gift Guide

One of the things we love most about giving Ziyada items as gifts is that they give twice, once to whoever receives the gift, and again to the amazing artisans who made the product! Is there anything better than gifts that give back? So, for those of you looking to change the world while you shop this holiday season, we’ve got a couple of gifting ideas for you! 

For the child with the wild imagination:

As a parent to a daughter with a flair for the dramatic, our theater curtain and puppet set is a household favorite. This set has led to plenty of thrilling, and rather hysterical, performances. Looking for a gift that encourages kids to engage their imaginations and creativity, and keeps the whole family entertained? Look no further. The Puppet Theater Set has got you covered. 

For the grill master: 

Got a friend who has every recipe down to a T? A relative whose seasoning game is on point? A loved one who flips the best burgers and smokes the best Turkey, rain, snow, or shine? If so, give them the gift of style and functionality. Our Cafe Apron features pockets to hold supplies, and durable denim to protect clothing and hold up with consistent use. And anyone is sure to look great in this stylish, modern design. This apron is available in a child’s size for budding apprentices who are learning from the grill master in your backyard! 

For the hopeful optimist:

“There are always flowers for those who wish to see them”. These words from the artist, Henri Matisse, beautifully hand embroidered on pure linen fabric, serve as a reminder that flowers are everywhere in our lives, if we only have eyes to see them. So, if you know someone who can always see the good and always hopes in every situation, let them know that you appreciate their bright outlook by gifting them this pillow!

For the one who needs comfort:

Although the holidays are filled with joy, light, and hope, they can also be lonely for people who are going through transition or difficulty. For anyone grieving the loss of a loved one, battling serious illness, resettling in a new community, or struggling through a family crisis, a quilt is a tangible reminder of love and comfort. So, wrap someone up in love this Christmas with a hand-embroidered, ethically made Ziyada quilt.  

For the Christmas lover

For anyone rivaling Clark Griswold with their Christmas lights, you might want to consider gifting products form our holiday line. We’ve got pillows, quilts, banners, bunting, ornaments, table linens and more! Check out the full line of Christmas products here to find the perfect gift! 

So, here are a few gift ideas to get you started! Browse our online store for more fun ideas and happy shopping, everyone!

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