The Garden Party Collection

I moved a decent amount as a child, but one thing was consistent in each of my childhood homes. Everywhere we lived, my mother loved to garden, and I loved to play in the beautiful gardens she cultivated! Perhaps because of her, green spaces are still my favorite spaces to inhabit. In the photo below, I’m visiting one my old neighborhoods in the Pacific Northwest. I used to wait here for the bus to pick me up, and every kid on the block called this place ”Bus Stop Rock”. It was mid-February when I visited several years ago, but even in winter, look at all of the green!

The lovely monsoon!

Right now, we are smack dab in the middle of India’s monsoon season. As much havoc as the flood waters wreak on our daily lives, it is still my favorite season. Everything is just so marvelously green, and something about it transports me to my childhood, to wonder, and to joy. Here’s a shot from our evening walk by the riverside the other day.

See what I mean? Life is just bursting forth. A few months ago, all that surrounded this path was dusty, sun-scorched earth, and now lush plants stretch taller than my little ones’ heads! As we walk, we look out across the banks of the river to see children swimming and make believing in the the jungle like foliage that has grown up around them. It is lovely.

What inspired the Garden Party Collection?

For our Garden Party Collection, I sketched the botanical prints out of my love of leaves, flowers, earth, and green. Once my sketches were finalized, we sent them to our block print makers who carved each design by hand onto wooden blocks. Then, they hand printed every inch of fabric with these lovely botanical motifs. Look at the incredible hand carved detail in the blocks!!

When the fabric arrived at our workshop, our Ziyada artisans cut and stitched each piece with love and care. The soft, nature inspired prints bring joy, calm, and wonder into everyday spaces! If you find yourself on the banks of the Ganges River, in the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere on this beautiful planet, let these prints remind you that the earth is filled with God’s glory! This collection features table linens, kitchen accessories, make-up bags and jewelry organizers, so check out the full range of products here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! And remember, every purchase you make is truly changing lives. Who doesn’t love shopping for a cause?

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