Our Core Values: Respect 🌟

At Ziyada, our ethos is shaped by a set of core values that guide every stitch, every conversation, and every sale. Over the next four months, we’ll take you on a journey to explore these values: Respect for All, Quality Every Time, Integrity, and Holistic Transformation. Ready to dive in?

Respect for All 🌍

At Ziyada, we’re rooted in the belief that every individual carries inherent worth, deserving of dignity and respect. While the term “respect” can be broad and open to interpretation, let’s delve into the specific ways our team brings this value to life:

  • Kindness as a Norm: We train our new team members to treat others with the same courtesy, kindness, and politeness they’d want for themselves—especially crucial during conflicts.
  • Collective Brainstorming: We promote an inclusive environment where everyone’s voice matters. Our most effective solutions often come from community brainstorming, enriched by diverse perspectives.
  • The Art of Listening: We practice active listening, making sure every voice feels heard without interruptions.
  • Positive Vibes Only: Nitpicking, micromanaging, or demeaning others? Not on our watch. Encouragement and gratitude, on the other hand? They are priorities in our daily operations.
  • Unity in Diversity: Our team is a beautiful tapestry of various religious, caste, linguistic, national, and ethnic backgrounds, and we’re committed to treating everyone with equal care and love.

Respect’s Real Impact

One morning over chai, a Hindu team member shared this powerful insight:

“Before coming here, I was afraid of Muslims. I had never had a Muslim friend and had been taught to stay away from them because they were considered dangerous by others in my community. Now, I thank God that the dividing wall of hostility has been broken down between us. I am so glad to have Muslim friends who are like sisters to me. We eat together, celebrate weddings together, and visit each other’s homes. God has taught me to love everyone and that He loves everyone.”

The transformative power of a community and business built on respect is nothing short of miraculous. It breaks down prejudices, fosters unity, and creates a safe space for love and relationships to flourish.

Our Pledge to You

When you shop at Ziyada, know that you’re not just respected as a customer. You also contribute to a space where artisans are empowered with respect. You can be sure that the artisans behind your favorite items are treated with the dignity they deserve. 🌿

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