Meet Aisha

Aisha is our head sewist. She’s got a great sense of humor, and knows how to love and support others well. Read on to get to know her better! She’s a delight.

Tell us about yourself and your family.

My name is Aisha Roshan. I’m a local. My maternal home is very close by. I’m the 3rd of my mother’s 6 daughters. My husband’s family is from another district. I’m the youngest of all of my sister-in-laws and I have two daughters, Alisha and Anokhi. And I have 1 husband. 

How was your childhood?

My childhood was great! I was a bit naughty, and very healthy. Wherever I went, I’d carry my younger cousin with me in my lap. I had two older sisters who were much thinner than I was. They’d both wear my clothes, but I couldn’t fit in theirs. So, we’d always fight about how they were wearing all of my clothes but I couldn’t wear any of theirs. I was loved by my father, and my mother too. I miss my sisters a lot still. I was always a good eater. I can eat anything, and I bet you can tell by looking at me!

When did you learn about Ziyada?

Before marriage, I used to work as a sewing teacher. So, after marriage, I was feeling very bored just sitting at home. My daughter Alisha was a baby, and I wanted to open a tailoring shop. After that, I met Dustin (Ziyada Co-Founder), and he told me about a sewing business that was opening up. So, I joined the team here. I especially liked that it was a faith-based company. I like it a lot, and I’ve always enjoyed sewing. 

Actually, when I was young, all of my sisters knew sewing and embroidery. So, I thought, “You are here!” So, I’d give them sweaters to make, and embroidery work, and clothes to sew for me. But then, after my sisters got married and left the house, I would give pieces to others to embroider or sew, but they never came back on time or sewn correctly.  So, I thought, now I should really learn these skills. I learned and God gave me this talent, so I thank him that now I can sew well. I even sewed the outfit I’m wearing myself. 

How did you feel during training?

I liked that time. I thought, “Wow! I’m going to join a company.” I felt happy, but I was also worried about what I was going to do with my baby daughter. Then, I learned that Ziyada would provide childcare. So, I was even happier about going, and I did training without any fear, with my baby with me. I was feeling really happy. And, then, in the middle of training, there was an earthquake. I remember freaking out and grabbing my daughter Alisha, and running out of the building! Training was a good time. I feel happy thinking about it!

How has your life changed because of your work?

When I didn’t work, we lived in a very small house. Rent was about $18 a month. But the month that I joined this company, we moved into a bigger house. I was so happy that God had supported me so that we could afford a better house. I thought, how will I provide for my children’s education? But, God is with me and I give him thanks. My husband is a pastor, and he is in ministry. With our salaries together, we live carefree and run our household.

What do you like most about working here?

First and foremost, I like that this is a faith-based company. Along with this, I am also happy that there are so many people. I don’t have time to tell you about my past, but along with being a company, I truly feel that the people here are my own family. I can share my heart freely, with joy. When I go home, it feels like a “sasural” (the marital home), but at the office, it is like my “mika” (maternal, childhood home). Here, I am carefree. I talk to everyone and behave like this is my home. I’m very happy.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I used to like to do embroidery and sewing, but after joining here, I like to take naps! And of course, I like to spend time with my children. On Saturday and Sunday, I spend time making special treats for them, helping them, and taking care of them.

What are you proud of in your life?

I am proud that I am a daughter of the living God. Just as my birth parents cared for me in childhood, now God cares for me in the same way. He’s behind me, before me, and all around me. If I’m ever lost, he shows me the right path. If I fall into a pit, he picks me up and sets me on solid ground. I’m proud to be his daughter. 

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