Let Heaven and Nature Sing

Here is a behind the scenes look at one of our favorite products from the Holly Jolly Collection—the Heaven and Nature Sing table runner!

Step One

Once I have a general idea of what I want to design, I get to work sketching my ideas on my iPad Pro with the help of Procreate. This part of the process takes several weeks, as I often play with the color palate and position of design elements until I feel it is just right.

Block Making

After finalizing my sketches, we send them to Jaipur where our block printer hand carves the design into wooden blocks. The blocks are used to hand print the fabric using a centuries old technique. Once the blocks are ready, the printers spread plain fabric out on 40 ft long tables and get to work. For every color you see in a print, a different block was carved by hand. Typically blocks are about 8 inches by 8 inches. This stunning runner features six colors. However, it was hand stamped with 12 different blocks because we combined the floral print in the center with the Heaven and Nature print on either end of the table runner!

Finishing Touches

Once the printing is complete, the printers send the fabric to our Ziyada team. We cut and hem each table runner before embroidering each piece by hand. It takes 4 hours to fully embroider one runner. After that, our packing team inspects, trims, tags and packs each piece. And viola! A table runner is ready!

The Impact

There are so many different people involved in the making of these table runners, and every purchase you make impacts them for good. Before joining the Ziyada team 7.5 years ago, many of our artisans were unable to afford to send their children to school, supply their homes with electricity and plumbing, purchase nutritious food, or access health care. But, your purchases have empowered them to live life abundantly! Thanks to you, many of our artisans have built their own homes. And all of them are able to send their children to school, access health care, and secure nutritious food and adequate housing. What an incredible difference you are making in the world when you choose to purchase with purpose!

To say thank you for choosing to support us with your purchases, we are offering a 20% discount on all table runners until November 28th when you enter the code TABLERUNNER20 at checkout. So, go shop and be happy that you are changing the world while you do it!

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