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We can’t wait to show you what we have included in this special collection of products, aimed at supporting the core of Ziyada and everything it means!

Our Progress So Far

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An Incredible Opportunity

Friends, your support over the years has made an incredible difference in the lives of our artisans. Since joining the Ziyada team, our artisans have access to fair wages, free childcare, healthcare for themselves and their family, free nutritious lunch, six months of paid maternity leave, and a providential fund.

With their earnings, our artisans have built homes, supplied their homes with water and electricity, sent their children to quality schools, and even started their own businesses. They are breaking free from poverty!

The work we do at Ziyada is worthy work. It is truly changing lives.

Let’s Make A Difference, Together

The global pandemic is threatening the good, important work happening at Ziyada. We are struggling financially. We are fighting for our artisans and the incredible changes we see happening in their lives, and we can’t do it alone.

To continue, we need you to join us. Join us by purchasing from our Abundance Collection! In the language of our artisans, Ziyada means more or abundance, and abundant life is exactly what we hope for each member of our Ziyada family! When you make a purchase from our Abundance Collection, you aren’t simply purchasing a lovely handmade item, you are investing in the Ziyada community so that we can continue making a difference together!

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